Searching out for countries to invest money in real estate? Want to make money and earn a high rental income? A lot of people choose to invest in real estate as doing so offers ample benefits for the investor including a good source of passive income. Get a shield against inflation by setting the property for rent in a foreign land and enjoy good returns by making the best real estate investment in the right location.

Selling the property after prolonged ownership also results in greater profits as the property value rises over the years in prime locations across the globe. Real estate continues to be the most reliable niche to make financial investments for a lifetime. While there are a lot of opportunities for real estate investments in every corner of the world, there are countries where you will find better value and higher rental returns.

The following are top picks for countries that you can consider when thinking of buying a property for generating a reasonable amount of cash.

Invest Money in United Arab Emirates

UAE is loaded with opportunities when it comes to making real estate investments for business purposes. This is mainly due to a minimum tax rate and higher rental value along with attractive profitability. All emirates in the country have strong purchasing power making the territory the most preferable choice for international buyers and investors.

Dubai is forever bustling with tourists and even during the peak of the pandemic, the city witnessed an influx of visitors.

If you have not been to UAE yet, do make a trip to Dubai and have a detailed look at all the magnificent projects and landmarks the city has to offer.

Tax-free UAE real estate offers high returns and profits to investors with no tax on the income earned. Property owners and investors do not have to pay taxes on the income earned through rented land or property.

With an average rental value of 5.19%, you would be getting the maximum out of your investments. Promising locations to invest for foreigners include Dubai Marina, Downtown, Palm Jumeirah, and International City.

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Invest Money in Australia

The flourishing state of Australia has a higher export rate with a lower import rate in light of its rapidly booming economy and infrastructure. The country is among the leading nations with measures targeted toward the maximum welfare of the people.

The high social activism and attractive tourist destinations attract overseas investors making Australia a preferred state for real estate business. You can invest money in properties in prime locations including Belmont, Crib point, East Ipswich, Gympie, Miranda, Toukley, and Wellard, and earn a good amount of interest rate and profit with minimum tax value.

Invest Money in Turkey

With Istanbul being the prime tourist attraction for visitors from across the globe, Turkey is one of the fastest-growing real estate destinations for overseas investors. The country is experiencing rapid economic growth with the number of tourists increasing with each passing year.

Vacation rental spots for visitors and students are attractive options for making real estate investments to earn a good amount of returns.

Invest Money in Portugal

The Portuguese realty market has been experiencing a growth influx since the year 2015. Some locations in the capital city of Lisbon have some of the most high-priced properties in Entire Europe. The cost of the lesser-known real estate spots in Lisbon has significantly increased with room for more growth expected in upcoming months.

Being an attractive tourist destination boasting exotic beaches and promising touristy spots, Portugal’s asset growth is flourishing every year.

Invest Money in France

In France, the real estate sector has been experiencing a fluctuation for the last 15 years. However, the investment income in Paris is booming, and is one of the most well-grounded destinations for long-term investment. Another exciting feature of the French real estate sector is that overseas investors stand eligible for local financing. The interest rates on mortgages for overseas buyers and investors are less than 2% with credit values up to 85%.

Invest Money in Ireland

Higher rental values and attractive returns make Ireland a preferred option for foreign real estate investment. If you do not have a strong understanding of how things work in the realty market, Ireland can be a safe choice for investing money in property. The country has a transparent tax system with special perks for overseas buyers. The cost of the property is rising so better stay vigilant if you consider making long-term investments.

Invest Money in Georgia

Georgia is a prime location for investing money in real estate, especially for people residing in the UAE. The country is easy to approach with visas on arrival for residents and citizens of the UAE. The Batumi location is worth mentioning spot for tourism investment. The resort and hotel business is on the rise with good returns and profits and no tax on real estate income. Get ownership in less than 15 minutes with a simple and quick registration process. The property rights of overseas buyers and investors are protected by law making Georgia one of the best countries for investing money in the real estate niche.

Final Word:

Work-from-home and lifestyle changes have also affected the process of investing in real estate around the world. A portion of the population intends to buy land overseas for financial gains while the rest of the people want to migrate and start a new life in a better place with a home of their own.

One must have a sound understanding of the financial systems to buy properties overseas for investment purposes. Besides covering the mortgage cost, you must be able to make extra income with the rental returns in the long run. Legal frameworks and real estate agreements may function differently than those in your home country.

While we have attempted to bring your way well-researched information, we recommend you seek legal advice and recommendation before considering investing in a particular location.

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