The advancements in technology have revolutionized the way people work, providing them with never-ending opportunities to work from home and make money online. Freelancing has gained massive popularity over the last decade as a flexible and profitable way to monetize skills and professional knowledge.

With the rise of the gig economy, a lot of freelance platforms have emerged offering a plethora of job possibilities across various niches and industries. If you too are seeking to embark on the journey of freelance work, read on to discover our picks for the best websites for freelancers to find work and earn money online.

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Best Freelance Websites to Find Online Jobs

The number of freelancers around the globe is growing at an astounding rate. As a freelancer, you can pick and choose the work you want to undertake and the client you want to work with. This freedom of choice has given rise to the number of people who want to work online and generate a reasonable amount of income from anywhere in the world.

If you had been looking around for freelance jobs, you must be well aware that how overwhelming it can be. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of top freelance platforms to help people find work and earn money online. You may consider the below-mentioned freelance job boards to hunt for jobs online and work from home.

  • People Per Hour
  • Fiverr
  • Jooble
  • com
  • Toptal
  • LinkedIn
  • Upwork
    1. People Per Hour

      As the name implies, People Per Hour aids clients and companies to find expert freelancers and pay them for their work per hour or project. Hundreds and thousands of freelancers are on board the platform.

      Businesses and organizations can hire potential freelancers from a variety of professional fields including writing, designing, finance, journalism marketing, public relations, and academic research. Freelancers can create accounts for free and build their profiles to attract clients. Moderators typically review each application to check if it complies with their terms of service. All applications are subject to prior approval. After the application is approved, freelancers can begin hunting for projects across multiple job categories.

      As a freelancer, you can set your pricing and send offers to companies or individual clients. After completing a project, you can request payment from the dashboard. Like the majority of freelance job platforms, People Per Hour charges the freelancer a commission fee. For every 350 USD earned, the system takes 20% of the total earnings. However, the commission rate decreases as you work and earn more money.


      • Automatic payment invoice
      • Enhanced payment protection
      • Location-based job posts


      • Only 15 free proposals each month
    2. Fiverr

      Fiverr is a lucrative platform that connects clients with freelancers who offer services across a variety of digital industries including website development, content creation, translation, transcribing, and voice-overs.

      Freelancers offer their services in the form of gigs which outline their rates, delivery time, and the type of tasks they can perform. The platform provides a simplified way for clients and freelancers to connect and discuss potential job prospects. Freelancers work as sellers, services are termed as gigs, and clients are known as buyers in the realm of Fiverr.

      Sellers aka freelancers can register an account for free, upload their gigs, and set their rates. Buyers (business owners) can browse through the platform to find a suitable category that aligns with their business. Each category listed on the website features gigs listed by thousands of freelancers from across the globe.

      Fiverr has a project-based pricing system and ditches the idea of hourly payments. The system will take 20% of the total profits as a commission and the rest of the 80% money will be deposited into the seller’s account. It may take up to 2 weeks to withdraw the money depending on the type of account a seller use. Nevertheless, it’s a lucrative platform to find short-term freelance work online and make money utilizing specialized skills and expertise.


      • Wide variety of categories
      • Free to use
      • Options to learn and expand knowledge


      • High service rates
      • Complex payment process
    3. Jooble

      Jooble mimics a search engine allowing freelancers to browse job vacancies online. The aggregating platform features job postings from over 140,000 sources across the globe including online job portals, freelance websites, social media platforms, and job classifieds.

      A major advantage of using Jooble to find work online is that you do not need to spend time across different freelance job boards. The website compiles vacancies from different sources and put them in one place to make things easier. You may, however, only find jobs within a particular geographical region. You can select a country or region on the home page to explore jobs in that particular area. Also, you need not have to sign up at Jooble to find freelance jobs online. All you have to do is put some keywords related to the type of job you are interested in. The search engine will then scrutinize the web and provide suitable suggestions.

      All registered users can utilize different filters such as expected salary, nature of work, type of industry, experience, and published date to find a suitable job match.

      Jooble is an aggregate platform that will connect you with other companies and job portals. You may click on the link to visit the company’s website and connect with the recruiter directly.


      • No registration required
      • Integrated search engine to find jobs
      • Email alerts for newly available jobs


      • It may take some time to apply individually for each job vacancy that appears on the search engine.

      Another popular freelance website that you may use to find work online is The platform allows companies and freelancers from across the world to interact and work on different types of projects.

      There is a huge number of freelancers registered on the website allowing clients to find a suitable workforce with quite ease. You can register for a freelancer account or sign up as a client.

      All individuals need to fill out a short application form to complete the registration process. All you need to do is provide the system with relevant and accurate information including your skillset, work experience, and education.

      Besides bidding on projects, there are a lot of contests that you may participate in. Freelancers can make money by taking part in competitions and getting ratings and reviews on their profiles to build up a strong portfolio.

      All freelancers will get full payments for their job after completing a project successfully. However, the system will charge 10% of the total profits for fixed-price projects and contests. Earnings can be withdrawn using PayPal or direct bank transfers.


      • Built-in tracker to track progress
      • Round-the-clock customer support
      • Live chat feature


      • A lot of fake profile
      • A bit complicated interface
    5. Toptal

      Toptal is a popular online freelance job portal that lets business owners and freelancers interact with each other in an interactive and streamlined way. The website has on board a diverse range of freelancers including graphic designers, programmers, web developers, finance consultants, auditors, and project managers.

      Signing up at Toptal as a freelancer is a lengthy process. The website requires all individuals to pass essential steps and complete the screening process to register successfully. You may be tested for your English language proficiency along with a project assessment to determine your skill level.

      The purpose of the screening process is to filter out the top 3% of the freelancers who apply through the platform. After clearing all the steps, you will gain access to a job portal where business owners and companies list jobs to hire freelancers from across the globe. If you fail the test, your application will be put on hold for a few months before you can take the test again.

      Toptal allows freelancers to track their work time and invoicing using built-in smart features. These services allow freelancers to receive the total price they set for their skills and withdraw payments using PayPal, Payoneer, or direct bank transfer.


      • Popular companies and clients on board
      • No service charges
      • Bigger projects


      • The lengthy and complex screening process
      • No short-term projects
    6. LinkedIn

      This one perhaps needs no introduction. LinkedIn is by far the best website to find freelance work online. The site offers a seamless way to find work in a variety of fields. Besides providing lucrative opportunities to work and earn money, the platform serves as an interactive social networking site where professionals can interact virtually and socialize with like-minded people.

      You may sign up for free and create a profile to begin hunting for jobs online. Make sure you include sufficient information including your skills, educational background, past work experiences, achievements, strengths, character traits, and personal interests to attract potential recruiters from across the world. An established LinkedIn profile can open up the path to more employment opportunities.

      As a user, you can create posts, share informative content, and engage on other posts to build your presence online and get more exposure. Clients and companies may explore your profile and make a direct employment offer. Not only can you find full-time jobs but can hunt for freelance job opportunities as well.

      To find a suitable freelance job, put relevant keywords into the search bar. The built-in search engine will then present you with all available jobs related to your field and experience.


      • Endless opportunities to connect with professionals and companies
      • Great platform to stay updated on the current job market
      • User-friendly interface to interact with recruiters and potential clients


      • A lot of fake profiles
      • Possibility of spam from nasty users
    7. Upwork

      Upwork is undoubtedly one of the most popular and reliable freelance job websites. The user-friendly platform allows clients and freelancers to collaborate and work on a diverse range of projects.

      There is a wide array of job categories including web design, content creation, graphic design, programming, translation, voice-overs, transcribing, SEO, digital advertising, software development, marketing, and a lot more.

      Freelancers and clients can connect in a variety of ways. Clients can either list a job posting and hire people or buy preset projects published by freelancers on the project catalog.

      Clients can also send direct invitations to freelancers who they wish to work with. To find work on Upwork, you first need to sign up for an account. Make sure you include all relevant details and build a solid profile to attract potential clients.

      Bear in mind that it’s totally up to the clients to decide whether a freelancer is qualified enough for the job. They scan and scrutinize the profile of all freelancers who bid on the job and select talent based on their personal preferences.

      Upwork has recently revised its service plan and now charges a flat 10% commission fee on all earnings. You can withdraw the received payments anytime using Payoneer, PayPal, or direct bank transfer.


      • Secure and safe payments
      • Reliable clients
      • diverse job opportunities


      • Complex hiring process


Final Word

Now that you are familiar with the best websites for freelancers to find jobs and make money online, get geared up to start building your portfolio to connect with potential clients.

Freelance job portals mentioned above provide diverse employment opportunities for freelancers to make money only by leveraging their expertise and skills in a given field. Whether you are a content writer, a web designer, a legal consultant, a programmer, or a digital marketer, these platforms offer a safe space to find jobs, build portfolios, and monetize your skillset.

Make sure you create an appealing profile, include sufficient details, showcase your past work, and offer quality services to stand out and establish a successful freelance career. With persistence, dedication, and hard work, you can find rewarding work and gain financial success in the ever-evolving freelancing landscape.

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