If you are someone who loves doing out-of-the-ordinary things, then desert Safaris in Dubai might just be the right thing for that adrenaline rush! Imagine cruising over towering golden dunes with the sun setting in a fiery blaze. From heart-pounding dune bashing to tranquil camel rides, desert safaris in Dubai are the stuff dreams are made of. We vouch you wouldn’t want to hit pause on this experience!

In this article, we will list down the best affordable desert safaris in Dubai to help you snag the best deal that won’t cost you an arm or a leg. So, let’s dive straight in and discover the most happening deals in town that won’t break the bank.

4 Best Desert Safaris in Dubai for 2024

Below, we have compiled a list of the top-rated providers of desert safaris in Dubai. You will find details on updated packages, features, and links to book slots online.

Now, without any further delay, let’s move forward and take a closer look at the most popular and economical desert safaris in the Emirate.

  1. Desert Safari Dubai

As one of the premiere companies for desert safaris in Dubai, Desert Safari Dubai offers a wide selection of all-inclusive packages, each designed with unique features and specifications to cater to a diverse clientele. They have skilled professional drivers who will take you in the middle of the desert for dune bashing, jeep rides, and tons of other adventurous activities.

Available Packages

Popular packages offered by the company include:

  • Evening Safari
  • Morning Safari
  • Overnight Safari
  • Dinner in the Desert
  • Premium Evening Safari
  • Deluxe Overnight Safari
  • Extreme Adventure Safari
  • Dune Buggy Safari
  • Private Desert Safari

“Desert Safari Dubai” is acknowledged by Tripadvisor and is one of the few providers in UAE that are ranked top on Google. It’s the go-to company for desert safaris in Dubai, especially when it comes to affordable deals and packages.

You can choose from any of the available packages, and if you aren’t an avid fan of dune bashing, you may skip the ride and choose to dine at the Bedouin-tent for a delicious BBQ dinner and fun-packed activities.

To top it off, you can extend your stay in the desert and stay overnight under the stars and watch the sunrise while devouring on scrumptious breakfast in the desert camp. They have special packages for families and elders with the option to customize plans to best suit your budget and personal preferences.

For reservations and further details on pricing and features, we recommend you visit Desert Safari Dubai or contact their customer support team at +971-56-5364-484 for further assistance.

  1. Platinum Heritage

Platinum Heritage is another renowned provider of premium-class desert safaris in Dubai. They go up and beyond to provide a contemporary experience to tourists and locals alike. The company is known for providing the most luxurious desert safaris in town and is recognized by international establishments including Tripadvisor and Traveler’s Choice Awards.

Available Packages:

Platinum Heritage is offering two types of packages, each with its own unique features and specifications.

  • Platinum Collection
  • Heritage Collection

No matter which package you choose, you will be riding on top-notch four-wheelers and accompanied by professional conservation guides. All safari trips will end at sunset and guests will be taken to the camp where they can enjoy canapes and exotic beverages. Furthermore, a 6 course Emirati meal will be served to end the night on a high note.

Whether you prefer a luxurious desert ride through golden dunes or an adventurous experience in the desert, they can customize the deal to best suit your preferences. You can also add on hot air balloon rides and overnight stays to further enhance your trip to the desert.

Platinum Heritage is one of the very few companies in Dubai that work on eco-friendly principles and commit wholeheartedly to sustainability. Their desert camp is powered by solar energy and the whole safari experience is designed in a way to promote a sustainable environment.

For reservations and further details on packages and pricing, we recommend you log on to Platinum Heritage or contact their customer support team at +971-4412-6333 for further assistance.

  1. Sand Trax Tours

Feeling scared of someone else taking control while driving into the desert? Sand Trax has unique options of Buggy Safari where you can drive an 800CC twin-seater buggy with a cage, bucket seats, and safety harness. Like all other safari trips, the Buggy Safari will end with a gourmet BBQ dinner, belly dance performances, and other fun activities.

All guests will be accompanied by experienced Safari guides who are experts in driving vehicles in the desert. There are tons of activities which you can choose according to your taste and budget.

Available Packages:

Sand Trax Tours is offering the following packages which you may personalize to best suit your personal preferences.

  • Jeep safari with BBQ dinner
  • 4in1 combo tour morning, quad bike/ATV safari-morning tour
  • Quadbike /ATV safari with BBQ dinner
  • Buggy Safari morning tour
  • Buggy safari with BBQ Dinner

Sound Trax is one of the most tap-ranked providers of desert safaris in Dubai and has been featured in CNN Travel and Conde Nast Traveler.

For reservations and further details on packages and pricing, we recommend you log on to Sand Trax Tours or contact their customer support team at +971-5068-53036 for further assistance.

  1. Nara Safari

As one of Dubai’s most trusted and top-rated companies for luxurious desert activities, Nara is a reliable option when reserving desert safaris in Dubai.

The company operates in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah offering unique desert experiences for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts. Their eco-friendly desert camp in Dubai is located in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and offers a more luxurious way to explore the golden dunes.

The Dubai camp features a sunset lounge, dining and entertainment area, and a private lounge for fun activities. The space can be booked for weddings, corporate events, kids’ birthday parties, and social gatherings.

Nara also has a fully functional kitchen and offers the opportunity to customize the dinner menu as per choice. You can choose from Japanese, Emirati BBQ, Oriental, Vegan, and Children’s menus or create your own with the assistance of a resident chef.

There is a wide variety of packages that you can choose from which include fun activities, adventurous experiences, dining, sandboarding, camel rides, hawk shows, set menu dinners, and private game drives. Nara presents a personalized and more secluded atmosphere to enjoy desert safaris in Dubai to the fullest.

Available Packages:

  • The Sunset and Dinner Experience
  • The Dinner Experience
  • The Sunset Experience
  • The Experience with Chauffer
  • The Overnight Experience

For reservations and further details on packages and pricing, we recommend you visit nara.ae or contact their customer support team at +971-5033-679—09 for further assistance

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