If you are fond of Lebanese cuisine but want to spend less on dining, then you are in luck. Dubai is home to many Lebanese restaurants ranging from budgetary options to upscale venues catering to the palate of a diverse population.

This article will assemble a list of Dubai’s best and most affordable Lebanese restaurants to ensure your gastronomic journey is exceptional.

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Top Budget-Friendly Lebanese Restaurants in Dubai

Lebanese cuisine, renowned for its aromatic spices, succulent grilled meats, and tantalizing mezze, has seamlessly woven into Dubai’s culinary scene. Loved for its unique tastes and textures, Lebanese dishes offer a harmonious blend of freshness and tradition.

Dubai residents have a lot of options when it comes to munching on Lebanese delicacies without breaking the bank. To help you make an informed choice, here is a list of top Lebanese restaurants in Dubai that are light on the pocket but heavy on the flavors.

These restaurants and cafes not only serve authentic value-for-money Lebanese cuisine but also boast aesthetic ambiance with stunning views. So let’s dive straight in and take a look at some of the top Lebanese restaurants in Dubai.

  1. Café Beirut

Decked up with old rustic pictures, a lovely water fountain, and a big olive tree, Café Beirut effortlessly transports you to Lebanon right from the moment you step into this artistic eating joint. The calming sound of Fairouz playing in the background and the old-school Lebanese décor is nothing short of a haven for Lebanese food enthusiasts.

The café’s design is a nod to the 1950s, the golden era of Beirut, evoking memories of a time when the city thrived with vibrancy, creativity, and culture.

What makes Café Beirut special is its commitment to keeping things real. The menu is a tribute to classic Lebanese dishes, prepared in a way that honors the authenticity of Beirut and its people. Whether you’re kicking off your day or winding it down, the all-day breakfasts and hearty grills offer a delicious taste of Lebanon.

  • Location: Al Murooj Complex, Downtown Dubai.
  • Average Cost: AED 100 for two persons.
  1. Al Beiruti Restaurant and Cafe

With its thriving presence in three distinct locations across Dubai, Al Beiruti stands as a bustling culinary hub for those who crave authentic Lebanese food that’s both affordable and flavorful.

Renowned for seamlessly blending Levantine café culture with authentic Lebanese cuisine, this all-day dining gem serves delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for its patrons.

Al Beiruti also boasts a meticulously crafted shisha menu, offering all the classic flavors to enhance your experience. Dive into a customized shisha journey, as the in-house shisha master would be more than happy to tailor it to your preferences

Coming to the food menu, it is full of culturally rich Lebanese delights, featuring classics like zaatar hummus, meaty kibbeh, manakish, Lebanese coffees, and more.

From a tantalizing array of mezze to sizzling charcoal grills, every dish embodies the authentic flavors that patrons keep coming back for. Don’t miss the crowd-favorite chicken shawarma; one bite, and you’ll understand why there’s always a line eagerly awaiting tables.

  • Location: The Pointe, The Palm, Jumeirah, Dubai.
  • Average Cost: AED 200 for two persons.
  1. Karam Beirut

Indulge in the culinary treasures of Karam Beirut, where Arabic flavors come to life in a consistently delightful and value-packed dining experience. This eatery, true to its name, captures the essence of a traditional Lebanese street kitchen, offering an array of hot and cold mezze plates, refreshing salads, and hummus that stand out as favorites.

From the grill, savor the succulence of meat skewers, featuring juicy chickens and delicately spiced lamb meat kebab. Karam Beirut goes beyond savory delights, offering authentic Lebanese juices, desserts, and smoothies to complement your meal, all within a sophisticated east-meets-west Arabic-themed interior.

Whether you choose indoor or outdoor seating, you’re treated to panoramic views overlooking the famous Ski Dubai—an ideal setting for a pause during a shopping spree in one of Dubai’s premier malls.

A beloved destination for both locals and tourists, Karam Beirut has earned its reputation as one of the leading Lebanese restaurants in Dubai, making every visit a celebration of authentic Lebanese cuisine.

  • Location: Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha, Dubai.
  • Average Cost: AED 200 for two persons
  1. Al Hallab Restaurant

When the craving for a comforting, carby, and cheesy manakish strikes in Downtown Dubai, head straight to Al Hallab in Bab El Bahr.

This culinary gem, drawing inspiration from Lebanon’s coastal cuisine, promises a menu brimming with delights—from traditional kunafa and grilled fish to a tantalizing array of hot and cold mezze. But that’s not all; they also offer a unique twist with options like sushi and seafood pie, ensuring a culinary adventure that transcends expectations.

Opt for a seat on the terrace and let the world pass by as you immerse yourself in a haze of delicious food. Al Hallab restaurant offers an unmatched experience, where every bite reflects the rich flavors of Lebanese coastal indulgence.

  • Location: Burj Dubai Boulevard, Downtown Dubai.
  • Average cost: AED 200 for two persons.
  1. Allo Beirut

When it comes to fast-casual Levantine cuisine, Allo Beirut stands out as one of the most sought-after Lebanese restaurants in Dubai. Founded by Lebanese visionary Fadi Haidar, Allo Beirut was born from a desire to transport the authentic flavors of his hometown to Dubai.

Step into this culinary haven to discover a fusion of industrial and homely vibes, where exposed ceilings and eclectic trinkets adorn every wall. The open kitchen invites you to witness the culinary magic, from toasting fresh bread to skillfully crafting manakish in the brick oven.

Allo Beirut takes pride in serving some of the city’s finest shawarmas, offering a diverse menu that spans burgers, hot wraps, and grilled meat platters—all accompanied by their signature chunky curved fries.

Whether you opt for the budget-friendly saj wrap or indulge in the flavors of a rotisserie chicken, make sure to explore their array of freshly made manakish—a tip you’ll undoubtedly thank us for.

Beyond lunch and dinner, Allo Beirut caters to early risers with an all-day breakfast menu, featuring enticing set breakfast options for two or four people, offering an incredible array of dishes at humble prices.

In essence, Allo Beirut is the go-to spot for those craving a delectable, street-style Lebanese meal that leaves both taste buds and wallets satisfied.

  • Location: Hessa Street, Dubai; City Walk, Dubai; JBR, Dubai.
  • Average cost: AED 100 for two persons.
  1. Al Safadi

Al Safadi stands is a popular chain of restaurants, offering an unparalleled journey into the heart of authentic Lebanese cuisine serving homelike food to all its patrons. The restaurant serves a delicious breakfast menu including fresh fresh creamy labneh, a symphony of egg dishes, and hummus adorned with spiced meat and pine nuts.

Come lunchtime, indulge in oven-baked slices of bread, tantalizing chicken and mushroom manakish, and a diverse selection of hot or cold mezze. While their shawarma dishes claim rightful fame, the signature meat platters (available in beef or chicken), spiced kebabs, and grilled chicken offer a satisfying feast for the hungry palate.

  • Location: The Pointe, the Palm, Jumeirah, Dubai.
  • Average cost: AED 200 for two persons.
  1. Em Sherif Café

Founded with love by chef-owner Mireille Hayek, this Lebanese gem has become one of the most popular Lebanese restaurants in Dubai, and its fame is well-deserved.

Em Sherif Café boasts a comprehensive menu that encapsulates the essence of Levantine favorites, expertly crafted within a contemporary and unassuming setting.

Immerse yourself in the view of Downtown Dubai’s Boulevard through floor-to-ceiling windows, while attentive and knowledgeable staff elevate the dining experience. The commitment to detail is evident in the calligraphy-patterned plates and Oriental accents on chandeliers and vase silhouette motifs.

This laid-back Lebanese restaurant encourages you to choose what suits your mood for the evening. Hayek’s recipes weave modern touches into authentic Lebanese flavors, with the presentation being a standout feature.

From the renowned creamy hummus to shrimps a la Provençal and three variations of their signature tabbouleh, there is a lot to choose from their diversified menu. Make sure you try out their much-acclaimed sumac-topped chicken musakhan and succulent meat kebabs.

If you are looking for authentic Lebanese restaurants in Dubai that are affordable and offer stunning aesthetics, then Em Sherif Café can be your safest bet.

  • Location: Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai.
  • Average cost: AED 170 for two persons
  1. Abd El Wahab

Experience the inviting embrace of Lebanese hospitality at Abd El Wahab, one of the well-celebrated yet light-on-the-pocket Lebanese restaurants in Dubai.

The eating joint has two branches in Dubai. The Pier 7 outpost treats patrons to panoramic scenes of the yacht-filled Dubai Marina, while the Souk Al Bahar location boasts prime views of The Dubai Fountain and the iconic Burj Khalifa.

Guests can indulge in a wide variety of authentic Lebanese delicacies served in a traditional setting. Adorned with brass ornaments, elegant leather touches, and intricate wall accents, the ambiance at Abd El Wahab reflects the cultural richness of Lebanon.

Must-try dishes at the venue include exquisite hummus, refreshing Tabbouleh, succulent mixed grill platter, and delectable grilled seafood. The menu also boasts Lebanese classics such as kibbeh and lamb chops, ensuring a culinary journey that captures the essence of Lebanese cuisine.

  • Location: 5th floor, Pier 7, Dubai Marina and Souk Al Bahar, Downtown, Dubai.
  • Average Cost: AED 200 for two persons.

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