If cake prices at upscale bakeries scare you out, then here is a catch for you. Eateries and cafes in the UAE sell discounted cakes every day after a specific time to clear their stock. You can count on this opportunity to grab your favorite cakes at the best-priced rates and save a good deal of money.

Want to know more on this? Scroll down and find the best places in UAE selling discounted cakes in a variety of flavors.

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Top Spots in UAE Selling Discounted Cakes

Birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions in life call for devouring something sweet. What better way to celebrate joyous moments than eating a slice of delicious cake? If you are an avid lover of cakes and love digging your teeth into creamy luscious cakes to commemorate special occasions then here’s good news for you!

Some bakeries and cafés in UAE sell their cakes at discounted rates to clear out their shelves before calling it a day. These cakes are made fresh and taste as good as any full-priced cake. So why not wait for the right time to buy those discounted cakes and save yourself some money?

Here is a list of eateries where you can find discounted cakes after a specific time every day.

  1. Labelle Chocolates and Flowers

UAE’s favorite chocolatier Labelle gives flat 50% off on all the cakes available in store after 9 pm every day. If you are in search of premium quality cakes but do not want to spend a bit over the odds, then Labelle is the place to be.

Visit your nearest Labelle branch to shop for discounted cakes in a variety of flavors.

  1. Bar Tartine’s

The artisanal French bakery Bar Tartine’s sells cakes, bakery items, and pastries at flat 50% every day. Large strawberry tart, large mango tart, tarte fruit rouge, chocolate hazelnut tart, chocolate orange tart, trio d’eclaires, tarte citron, and strawberry brioche tropezienne are popular cake flavors available at the bakery.

The discounted cakes are not available for delivery and must be picked up from the store. Head to the Dubai Hills Mall branch or the DIFC outlet to grab large discounted cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank.

  1. Katrina Sweets and Confectionery

Renowned local bakery Katrina Sweets is another of the many eateries selling discounted cakes in UAE. The café sells cakes, pastries, and other bakery products at 50% off every day after 9 pm. They have signature cakes, celebration cakes, mini cakes, cake slices, pastries, and lots of sweet treats that you may grab at reduced prices.

So if you crave premium quality sweet delicacies but do not want to spend a lot of money, then head to Katrina Sweets and Confectionery and purchase delicious cakes at amazing low rates.

  1. Sale Sucre Patisserie

Popular French bakery Sale Sucre Patisserie sells their cake at 30% off 2 hours before closing down their shop. You can grab large cakes and pastries at discounted rates and bring home delectable delights without denting your wallet.

Popular flavors available at the bakery include red velvet, carrot cake, blueberry cheesecake, Krispy Choco, Mango Le Carreaux, Le Rocher Mango, Tres Leches, Hazelnut Fudge, and Black Forest. Besides discounted cakes, you can get your hands on a wide selection of fresh bakery items at best-priced rates.

Log on to their official website at salesucre.ae or visit the nearest outlet to bring home delicious discounted cakes.

  1. Chocolala

Renowned chocolatier Chocolala has also joined the bandwagon and selling close to expiry cakes at discounted rates. The offer applies to cakes available in stores only. You may check for the latest prices and flavors by visiting your nearest outlet.

The festive season is just around the corner, so why not buy discounted cakes to send to friends and loved ones and save some extra money?

  1. Le Pain Quotidien Middle East

Widely known for its organic bread and bakery items, Le Pain Quotidien is another eatery in UAE that sells discounted cakes to its customers every day. You can grab discounted cakes, breads, desserts, and savory items after 10 pm every day.

Most of the items available in-store are set to be sold at 50% off. This can be the best time to buy organic treats and cakes at budget-friendly rates. The offer is available in stores only so rush to your nearest branch and fill up your basket with premium goodies without shelling out a lot of bucks.

  1. Café Cocosome

Located in Al Mankhool, Dubai, Café Cocosome can be your next favorite destination to buy discounted cakes in UAE. The café sells selected items including celebration cakes at 50% off after 9 pm every day. It’s a newly opened café specializing in breakfast items, savory treats, desserts, pastries, fresh juices, and cakes.

The discounted cakes can be bought in-store only. So if you are looking around for cheap cakes in Dubai, then hop over to Café Cocosome and shop from a variety of flavors available in-store.

  1. Bakerist Dubai

Another good place to buy discounted cakes in the UAE is Bakerist Dubai. Located in Dubai Hills Mall, the bakery cum café sells selected items for 50% off after 9 pm from Monday to Thursday. Besides cakes, you can buy croissants, tarts, breads, and other bakery items at affordable rates.

The discounted items are put on sale from 9 pm to 11 pm on selected days. You may visit their Instagram handle to inquire about the menu or pop over to the store to buy cakes of your choice on sale.

  1. Marks and Spencer Cafe

Marks and Spencer Café puts close to expiry stuff on sale during specific hours during the day. Discounted products are generally labeled with yellow tags and put on shelves at 4 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm.

They often sell tray cakes and pastries at reduced prices. So keep an eye out during the sales time to buy the best quality bakery items at affordable rates.

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