Making money as a Blogger?

Ever wondered how you can start making money from your hobby as a side hustle? Blogging is the best way to express yourself about a particular niche. Not only this you can monetize your blog and have 7 figures income annually. Yes! You read that right. If you have the thought as a blogger, you are only able to make pennies, you definitely need to review a few case studies. Successful bloggers do make millions per year from each blog.

Everything is possible with the right guidance. This won’t take you 2 to 3 years to scale your blog to the peak but you will be able to reach your goal within a year. Blogging is the fastest way with minimal efforts to increase your earning with a side job. Or even you will reach a point where it will be safe to leave a full-time job. Whatever way you choose, it is going to be fruitful till the moment you are making efforts. No doubt blogging is a source of passive income but you can’t rely on it if you are a beginner. Starting everything from scratch is difficult but it will be worthwhile. In this post, we have shared the proven ways to make a good income from the blog. Let’s jump in!

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to start making passive income from blog. It is among those skills of the digital world in which you can start working without learning a proper course. Affiliate marketing itself is a program where you add referral links of the particular products of the company which rewards you a certain commission on every purchase thorough your link.
It is the simplest of the all marketing as the only challenge you will meet is choosing the best program. There are many big firms like Amazon and Shopify who are offering. You aren’t limited to a particular type of topic for the blog because you have the access to write the blog about any niche of your interest. The essential part is to make the blog in a way that is persuasive and friendly which attracts the reader to buy the product. Keep your reviews honest!

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Offer services

The most credible and fastest way to start making money as blogger is to offer your services as a freelance blogger. This is the hassle-free path to follow if you are really interested in blogging than why not get hired and provide your services in a professional way online. Everyone knows how rapidly technology is advancing and in this virtual world, you have the opportunity to work for anyone around the globe.
There are certain leading platforms which give you a chance to showcase your skills like Fiverr, Upwork, Blogger Pro and flex jobs. The services which are commonly offered by freelance blogger are:

  • Copywriting
  • Article writing
  • Content writing
  • Editing

Sign up on these platforms and land on your first job. Start earning 500$ per month as a beginner without making a lot efforts to attract traffic on the blog.

Write an eBook

If you have enough skill and experience about that particular niche, then simply go for publishing your eBook. The world has changed as internet is progressing and we prefer writing an email instead of a letter the same way eBook has become a thing of this online world. It is a better way to sell your knowledge online and get yourself the cash immediately on every purchase.
The best platform to publish your eBook is Amazon kindle where there are currently millions of active eBook readers. You can also start selling it from your own blog and here the key feature is you will be able to build the audience. But this won’t help you make enough money if you charge way less than the market rates.

Write sponsored posts

As you get into the competition to rank on the first few pages of the search engine with other high ranked blogs, expect to receive many offers from the companies. This will help you monetize the blog as well as get the chance to get paid by third-party sites. And why not avail this opportunity to make a lot of money. It is also a win-win situation for both parties.
In a simpler way, sponsored posts are the type of content in which you are supposed to publish and share the details of a specific product. It is better to talk with honesty about both the pros and cons in order to win the trust of the audience. This may bring a new audience towards the blog if the content is kept interesting and makes the readers feel relatable.

Job Board

Building a job board for your own blog is a difficult task but it is worth it at the end. As a blogger, the only main concern everyone has is the traffic at the blog. Generally, by following this you may achieve a constant audience that will return back to the blog again and again. You would be baffled about how to make a job board. There are a lot of tools available online that will perform this job in minutes but the main part is arranging the gigs. You can start over by featuring writing jobs and also need to renew the listing more often. It is a great way to earn some extra money.

Sell ad space

Get ready to generate a great revenue from your blog. Selling an ad space is a way in which the advertisement is placed on the blog whichever side of the blog one wants. It is the easiest way to get your blog monetized and earn a stable revenue. There is different type of ads present like banner ad or the video ad. The key role is played by choosing the content of the ad which connects with the audience. You need to make sure you are publishing relevant ad for the target audience at the right time. This will give an amazing boost to the revenue and will make you earn a large amount of money.

Finally, to make a good income from blog would require you to put in a lot of efforts and to remain consistent. Earning from the website is a challenging task if done without use the right tactics. Before getting started as a blogger, you need to do proper research regarding the content which is in high demand.

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