It always feels good to give back. Volunteering to serve the community you live in is undoubtedly a rewarding experience. If you are someone who derives contentment from helping out those in need, there is good news for you. There are places where you can volunteer in UAE and help out organizations in achieving their goals.

Whether you are looking to help out the community or have some spare time that you need to kill, volunteering is always a good idea. Dubai and other emirates have pretty good options where volunteers can offer their services for the betterment of the community.

This article will explore different places where you can volunteer in UAE and learn something productive in return.

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Best Places to Volunteer in UAE

Here is a roundup of places where you can volunteer in UAE to keep yourself busy and give back to the community. There is a variety of causes that you can support by offering your efforts and time for free.

Places to Volunteer in Dubai

  1. Al Noor

Al Noor is a non-profit organization that works for the betterment of people of determination. It offers them professional training and guidance so that they can earn a decent livelihood. The goal is to help such people realize their worth and potential and help them become an equal part of the community.

You can register at Al Noor to help out children and help those in need. Interested individuals can also sign up for corporate volunteering and work to help people of determination get their fair share of employment opportunities.

Visit Al Noor for further details and information.

Contact Number: 043404844


  1. Dubai Autism Centre

If you are interested to help autistic children and individuals, you may consider working with Dubai Autism Centre to support the cause. Those who want to volunteer in Dubai can work with this one of its kind organization that works tirelessly to support autistic individuals in the community.

All you need to have is empathy, dedication, and kindness to volunteering at Dubai Autism Centre. There are three departments where you can offer your services including the Direct Student Interaction, Annual Events Participation, and Fund Raising Department.

For further details and information, we recommend you visit their official website at Dubai Autism Centre.

Contact Number: 800-288-476

  1. Dubai Cares

The popular philanthropic organization, Dubai Cares is another place where you can volunteer in Dubai. The organization works to support children’s rights and does whatever in its capacity to support the little hands.

Dubai Cares has an international presence and works in countries like Nepal and Senegal too. If you have some time and compassion, you can work with the organization to make a difference in deserving children’s lives.

Visit Dubai Cares for further details.

  1. Emirates Red Crescent

Emirates Red Crescent can be another good option to volunteer in Dubai. The organization specializes in community service and is a suitable place for anyone who wants to give back and serve people in need.

You may sign up for their diverse volunteering program and support several different causes to serve the community. Register for caregiving, health care, helping the needy, or first aid services.

Visit UAE Red Crescent for further details on their program.

Contact Number: 800-733

  1. Make A Wish UAE Foundation

The local extension of the popular international organization, Make A Wish Foundation UAE is all about fulfilling the wishes of deserving children suffering from debilitating diseases. You can join the organization to help them bring a smile to innocent patients and take up the role of wish granter, translator, speaker, fund-raiser, or staff.

Visit Make A Wish UAE to inquire about further details of their exclusive volunteering program.

Contact Number: 026665144

  1. Pink Caravan

UAE-based organization Pink Caravan can be another interesting place to volunteer in Dubai. The organization works to create awareness about breast cancer. They educate the masses about the importance of early diagnosis and screening to save precious lives.

Pink Caravan also offers state-of-the-art facilities to detect the disease in its early stages and provide suitable treatment options. You can register to become a volunteer at the organization and help them with their agenda.

Log on to Pink Caravan for further details and information regarding the volunteer registration process.

Contact Number: 065065542

  1. SmartLife Foundation

Non-Profit Organization SmartLife Foundation has been working to support blue-collar workers in UAE for quite a long time. The organization has launched many projects including educational scholarships for underprivileged workers. It also organizes training and mentoring programs to help blue-collar workers in the country find suitable employment opportunities.

SmartLife holds frequent events and programs including yoga classes, free screenings, free health check-ups, sports festivals, singing competitions, dance classes, and job fairs.

As a volunteer, you can invest your time and resources to help organize events and support projects to help the underprivileged section of society.

Visit SmartLife Foundation for further information on their volunteering program.

  1. The Giving Family

Dubai-based non-profit organization The Giving Family can be a good option to volunteer in the Emirate. This organization is focused on providing free meals to laborers and blue-collar workers in the country. Launched in the year 2017 by Fadie Musallat, The Giving Family is all about giving back to the community and helping the needy.

The Giving Family is driven by the positivity and goodness of its volunteers who go up and beyond to contribute to the cause. You can participate and help them launch food drives in the Emirate to distribute quality meals to the underserved section of society.

For further details and information, visit their Instagram handle and contact the admin if you are interested to volunteer.



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