Who does not like to shop? Especially when it does not cost you an arm or a leg. While retail therapy can sometimes leave you feeling guilty about all the cash you exhaust at the brands, there are loyalty programs in UAE that can help you save big.

Shukran Rewards is one of the most popular loyalty programs in the country offering attractive rewards and exclusive discounts to members across a range of local and international brands. How many times have you been asked to show your Shukran cards at the counters while you shop? Well, we have actually lost count. That’s how well-liked the program is. Want to learn more? Let’s hop on to details without any further delay

What is Shukran Loyalty Programme?

Shukran is undeniably the most well-acclaimed retail loyalty program functioning in the Middle Eastern region. It offers an extremely rewarding retail experience allowing the members to shop across several brands to avail of discounts and exclusive promotions. Members earn Shukrans every time they swipe their cards at the checkout counters. The earned rewards are redeemable on future purchases to cut costs down. You can enjoy bigger benefits and the freedom to shop without a card with the interactive and easy-to-use mobile app. Sounds tempting, isn’t it?

What are Shukrans?
Shukran is a type of digital currency that you earn every time you shop at partner outlets or Landmark Group brands. Shop either in stores or online and collect as many Shukrans as possible to earn bigger and better rewards. At present, you can earn virtual currency when shopping for more than a million products at around 41 brands. Shukrans can also be accumulated during special promotions and sales.

Shukran Partner Stores in UAE

A lot of brands have partnered with the Shukran Reward Programme to facilitate their patrons. Popular partner brands operating in UAE include:
Baby shop
• Steve Madden
• Splash
• Pablosky
• Oasis mall
• Shoeexpress
• Shoemart
• Lifestyle
• Homecentre
• Homebox
• Domino’s
• Joyallukas

The Shukran Reward Programme has over 20 million members across 8 countries. Rewards can be earned across more than 57 brands across 2,000 plus stores in the Middle East.

Grab Discounts on Lifestyle, Fashion, Accessories, Food, and a lot more.

Avail huge savings on fashion, home, dining, and lifestyle, and enjoy an exceptional shopping experience without having to spend a fortune. Grab an exciting Max discount on apparel, shoes, and accessories and get your hands on the latest fashion-forward clothing. Spend and earn points to enjoy reduced rates on your shopping bills upon your next visit. The popular home and furniture shops Homecentre and Homebox have also partnered with Shukran to offer incredible benefits and rewards for patrons. Uplift the aesthetics of your space and earn shukrans every time you shop at the stores.
Use your Shukran App to enjoy Centrepoint discount and shop for cosmetics, skincare, baby apparel, fragrances, and home décor items to collect Shukrans with every purchase.

How Does it Work?
The process of earning and redeeming points is pretty straightforward. You first need to sign up for a membership. It can either be done at a partner store online via Shukran’s official website. Once you have acquired membership, you can either present the digital card at the time of shopping or simply provide your mobile number associated with the account when purchasing things at a partner retail outlet.
Those of you who prefer to shop online can link your Shukran account with the brands’ online account to collect Shukrans.

How to Redeem my Shukran Points?
Once you have accumulated enough points you can convert them into Dirhams when shopping at stores online and reduce the total cost of your shopping bill.
Present your digital membership card or mobile number at the counter when shopping at a select partner store to redeem the collected points. When purchasing things online, tap the “Pay with Shukrans” tab to spend your accumulated points.

Access to Exclusive Benefits and Discounts with Shukran Rewards

Shukran members have the privilege to get instant discounts and enjoy special offers across a range of brands operating in the UAE.
Download the app for your Apple or Android device and open the world of privileges and deals curated specially for shoppers to help them save and shop more.
• Find the latest promotions and offers near your location within the app. Discover and explore special deals available exclusively for Shukran members.
• You can not only earn rewards when shopping but can also receive instant refunds when returning your purchases in stores or online. Get refunds transferred in an instant right into your wallet. Shop and save with just a click.
• Members can keep track of all their spending and earnings in the app and can use the Shukrans instead of cash when shopping at selected stores.
• Even if you missed claiming valuable virtual currency at a store, you can later accumulate the points by adding your receipt number to the app.
• The Shukran Reward Programme launches special promotions and rewards exclusively available for Shukran members only. Keep an eye on the app and the website for the latest updates.
• Members are also provided with discount coupons from brands they shop for the most. All coupons are added into the app or made available in the account online.
• All your shopping receipts and invoices are updated in the app so that you do not have to look for them when making a return or exchange.

A Valuable Reward Program

With loads of rewards and enhanced convenience for the members, Shukrans is indeed a valuable program aimed at elevating the shopping experience across a wide selection of stores in the country. There is no subscription or sign-up fee and you can create an account without having to pay any money. Download the app today and start earning Shukrans to maximize discounts and savings on your next mall visit.

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