If you plan on slipping away for a holiday to the UK or a work commitment has you bound to travel to the United Kingdom, then the best purchase you can make for your trip is a tourist eSIM card for the UK.

eSIM cards are the most suitable options for staying connected to the world on a budget. If you are looking for affordable UK eSIM cards then rest assured you have landed in the right place.

This article will be your guiding light to the best tourist eSIM cards for the UK so that you can make an informed decision and save money otherwise spent on outrageous international roaming costs.

Not only will this but we will also explain the steps to order UK eSIM cards and compare costs and updated specifications of connection plans to help you choose the best network.

So let’s dive straight in and have a look at some of the most sought-after and budget-friendly UK eSIM cards.

Best Affordable UK eSIM Cards

Below are some of the best UK eSIM cards with multiple data plans to help you stay online wherever you go in the UK.

  1. Orange Holiday Europe – UK eSIM

Orange has a wide range of eSIMs for popular regions across the globe. For Europe, they have a reasonably priced eSIM package available at the cost of USD 59.90. You will get a whopping 50 GB of data, unlimited calls and texts in Europe, and a 28-day validity. The SIM has robust coverage all across Europe with 5G connectivity to help you enjoy high-speed internet browsing on the go.

This best-value UK eSIM card can be purchased via SimOptions with just a few clicks. It may seem a bit expensive but considering the amount of data it offers, we can term it as one of the most affordable eSIM cards for the UK at the moment.

The most exciting part is that the SIM is valid in almost 39 countries. So if you plan on visiting other countries in Europe alongside the UK, then you wouldn’t have to purchase separate SIM cards for your trip.

  1. Nomad UK eSIM Card

Another great and affordable e-SIM card for the UK is the one by Nomad. A Nomad’s eSIM for the UK on average will cost you USD 21 where you will get a 20 GB data volume, great coverage all over the UK, and a month-long credit validity.

The SIM is 5G ready allowing users in the UK to browse high-speed internet on their mobile devices. However, this eSIM does not support incoming or outgoing calls and is purely a data-only SIM. Nomad eSIM card for the UK is cheaper than Orange Holiday SIM but it’s a data-only eSIM card so you would have to pay extra to make and receive calls and texts on your phone.

The eSIMs by Nomad are powered by eSIM Go and operate on Vodafone, EE, 02, and Three UK networks. The SIMs however work in the UK only, so if you plan on visiting multiple countries on your trip, then you might have to look for other options as well.

  • Cost:

With Nomad  UK eSIM cards, you can get 1 GB data for USD 7, 3 GB data for USD 8, 5 GB data for USD 11, 10 GB data for USD 15, and 20 GB data for USD 21. These are some of the most affordable data plans that we have come across so far.

You must install the eSIM on your mobile device within 30 days from the date of purchase. After the SIM is installed, the credit validity starts from the moment the SIM is connected to a supported network. You will be able to use the service as soon as the plane lands in the UK.

The company often launches special deals and promotions for tourists traveling to the UK to help them stay connected without burning a hole in their wallets.

  • Nomad’s Unlimited Data Bundles

Nomad also provides eSIM cards for the UK with unlimited data where you can browse the internet for as long as you want without any additional cost. For instance, you can get unlimited data with a Nomad eSIM for the UK for as low as USD 7 with a one-day validity. There is also a plan where you can buy an unlimited data bundle for 10 days at the cost of USD 41. That sounds pretty cheap especially if you are an avid internet user.

However, some plans often have a Fair Usage Policy, where the speed is reduced after you consume a specific amount of data per day. Many times, the internet speed is reduced to just 512 Kbps once you consume 2GB of data. That’s a pretty low speed. So weigh in the pros and cons before you opt for a specific plan and choose the one that suits your budget and personal preferences.

For further information or to place an order, you may visit Nomad’s official website.

  1. SimOptions UK eSIM Card

SimOptions is another good choice if you wish to purchase an eSIM card for the UK. The company has coverage in more than 50 countries allowing customers to use the same SIM for their trips to other destinations across the globe.

SimOptions is a leading eSIM provider that offers specially designed eSIM cards for the UK along with physical prepaid SIMs to be used anywhere in the United Kingdom. The physical SIMs are preactivated and are mailed directly to your given address. You can just insert the card in your device and it will start working the moment you land in the country.

SimOptions has attractive eSIM card plans that are also reasonably priced as compared to those of Airalo. It’s one of the best, affordable, and most recommended eSIM cards for the UK.

The company has a lot of international eSIM cards that can be used all over Europe including the United Kingdom. Most of their SIMs allow users to make unlimited calls and texts when traveling to foreign countries.

You can buy any of their international eSIM and use them during your trip to the UK to browse the internet and make calls on a budget. All UK eSIM cards offered by SimOptions have a phone number allowing users to receive and make calls and texts with ease.

  • Cost

With SimOptions, you can get 1 GB of data valid for a week for USD 9.9 and 5 GB of data for USD 17.90 with one-month validity. Users can also grab 15 GB of data along with unlimited calls for just USD 21.90. They have several plans to suit varying budgets. You can have a detailed look at their prices by visiting their official website.

SimOptions eSIMs remain valid for a year and the credit validity begins right after installing the sim on your device.

  1. Airalo UK eSIM Card

Airalo is another credible option for buying UK eSIM cards. The company, however, only sells eSIMs and does not provide the option to purchase physical prepaid SIM cards. Airalo is a well-acclaimed network provider and has millions of users across the globe.

Airalo eSIM cards for the UK are powered by Uki Mobile and operate on a 4G/LTE network of Three UK and 02. These SIM cards, however, can only be used inside of the UK and not in other European countries.

Airalo eSIM Card Plans in UK

All Airalo eSIMs are data-only SIM cards with no phone number, so you would not be able to receive or make calls or texts. Also, you must install the SIM within 30 days from the date of purchase. The credit validity begins from the moment the SIM connects to a network for the first time.

Ordering an eSIM card for the UK from Airalo is quite easy. Also, they have some of the best and most reasonable eSIM data and call plans. Their packages may seem a bit expensive when compared to other eSIM providers but they often have promotions and sales where you can lower the cost of your plan to a great extent.

With Airalo you can get 1 GB data for as low as USD 5, 2 GB data for USD 7.5, 3GB data for USD 10, 5 GB data for USD 15, 10 GB data for USD 22.5, and 20 GB data for USD 36. The validity period for the balance may vary depending on the plan.

You may visit Airalo’s official website to have a look at the latest deals and promotions on eSIM cards for the UK.

Things to Consider When Buying UK eSIM Cards

These days you can buy eSIMs for almost every country. You can place orders directly with the network provider and get them mailed straight to your inbox. But before you purchase an eSIM card, there are some very important considerations that you must look into when buying eSIM cards for the UK or any other country.

  • eSIMs Work in Unlocked Phones Only

When considering getting an eSIM, ensure your phone is compatible enough to support such software. eSIM cards work only in unlocked phones, and if you are not sure about your device, then you may contact your cellular network provider for assistance.

Generally, phones made in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are unlocked by default. On the other hand, mobile phones manufactured in North America are sometimes locked.

If your device is locked, it simply means it won’t let another SIM card other than the one it’s compatible with, to operate. You can unlock your phone pretty easily. But you might be charged a little fee for unlocking the device and the cost may vary depending on the network provider.

  • eSIM Cards Operate in Compatible Phones Only

Another important thing to bear in mind is that eSIM cards for the UK and in fact for any other country will operate only if your device is capable enough to support such software. All the latest smartphones support eSIM cards but still, if you are not sure and have doubts then you may go to Google and enter your phone model in the search bar to check if it’s compatible to support eSIMs.

If your device is not compatible, then you won’t be able to use an eSIM for the UK and might need to buy a new phone to be able to use one. Also, you can opt for a physical international SIM card for the UK to browse the internet and make calls without having to shell out a lot of bucks.

Point to Remember:

Purchasing eSIM cards for the UK on arrival to the country is impossible for foreign nationals. You, as a tourist, may buy physical tourist SIM cards by EE, Vodafone, Three, or O2, but as for the eSIM, no option is available, neither at the airport nor in stores.

Fortunately, several eSIM network providers sell eSIM cards for the UK with incredible deals and offers. Sometimes buying an eSIM online brings more benefits than purchasing a SIM card on arrival at the airport.

Why Purchase a UK eSIM Card?

eSIM cards are the most convenient option to go online and stay connected to family back home when traveling to the UK. With active data plans on your phone, you can search, book, and order almost anything online. Also, an eSIM saves you from the hassle of finding phone stores and purchasing tourist SIM cards after your arrival to the country.

You can order an eSIM card for the UK online, scan the QR code, follow the instructions, and there you go. You will be connected to a supported network within minutes.

The most important reason to buy a UK eSIM is that it helps in saving ridiculously high roaming costs. You can install an eSIM and browse the internet using budget data bundles.

With an eSIM by your side, you can easily order a taxi, find nearby eateries, contact friends, and look for places to visit. Also, you can order food, and groceries, and find directions on Maps.

Last but not least, an eSIM card for the UK will make your holiday trip much more convenient, happening, and fun as you can connect to anywhere in the country with just a tap on your phone.

You wouldn’t want to spend scores of money on high international roaming charges. So, the most affordable option is to get a UK eSIM card and stay online wherever you go.

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