Cashback credit cards or not cashback credit cards? Considering the skyrocketing inflation in UAE, who wouldn’t like to receive rewards for their daily purchases? With cashback credit card offers, residents in Dubai and other emirates can save up on their monthly expenses and get a financial net for a better life.

Many banks in the country offer credit card holders a wide selection of perks and privileges. You will find over 200 cards with incredible offers to earn rewards and points every time you purchase. You can make a certain amount of cashback when you swipe your card for transactions at supermarkets, hotels, resorts, retail outlets, and leisure attractions. The earned amount can be redeemed for exclusive discounts and loyalty benefits when shopping or dining at designated spots.

What exactly is a Cashback Credit Card?

Banks acknowledge their loyal customers through rewards and privileges to reinforce their commitment to their products. These loyalty schemes motivate the customers to spend more, save more, and stay dedicated to the organization.

Cashback credit cards work similarly and award customers a percentage of their spending. Consider a credit that offers you 10% cashback on all grocery spending. You use this card in a hypermarket and spend AED 500 weekly. The bank will reward you with an AED 50 cashback credit (10% of AED 500) in the next billing cycle. It means you have saved AED 50 on your weekly grocery bill. Offers like these help you save costs on your monthly expenses and lessen the financial burden off your shoulders.

Picking out the credit cards with the best cashback offers in the UAE

With a range of options available in the market, sometimes it can be overwhelming to sign up for one specific credit card. In this blog post, you will find data-driven recommendations and authentic facts to pick out the best cashback credit cards in the UAE.

Picking out a single credit card that works well for your personal needs isn’t as easy as it may sound. Consider the following points when signing up for a particular credit card to earn monetary rewards on your spending.

  • Does the card suit your monthly income?
  • What are welcome offers and bonuses for first-time users?
  • What is the process to redeem the cashback? Is it an automated process, or must it be done manually?
  • What percentage of the bank is offering as cashback? What is the subscription fee?
  • Is there a monthly cap?
  • What is the minimum amount to be spent to earn the reward?
  • Does the cashback amount expire if not redeemed on time?

The answers to the above queries will determine your best option. While credit cards are not recommended for use to save money, they can be a source of significant financial independence if used wisely. Pay your installments on time, clear your pending payments, and hold yourself from impulsive buying to avoid fines and default.

Now that you understand how a cashback reward scheme works let’s find some of the best credits with attractive cashback offers in the UAE.

Best Cashback Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping

  1. FAB Share Credit Card

    First, Abu Dhabi Bank has joined forces with Carrefour and Majid Al Futtaim to introduce an exclusive credit card with unbeatable cashback rates. With this card, you can earn an impressive 7% cashback on all your Carrefour purchases, a substantial increase compared to the 1% cashback you’d receive when using the SHARE App alone. Purchases at the Mall of the Emirates or any City Center across the UAE can always make you earn up to 3.25% cashback. And finally, you can get up to 1.75%.

  2. Dubai First Credit Card

    Dubai First Credit Card offers a 6% cashback reward when using the card to shop for groceries at select stores. There is a monthly cap of AED 400 with no minimum spend requirement. The bank is offering an AED 350 bonus for new customers. Earn 3% cashback when shopping for groceries online and 1% cashback on all other spends.

  3. RAK Bank Credit Card

    RAK bank offers a 5% cashback when swiping the Titanium Credit card for grocery shopping at all supermarkets in UAE with a monthly cap of AED150. There is, however, a minimum monthly spend of AED 5,000 with no annual fee.

  4. Emirates Islamic Plus Credit Card

    Enjoy 10% cashback on grocery shopping, education, and dining with the Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus credit card. Enjoy the service with no annual subscription fee and redeem your rewards with the dedicated online banking app within seconds. Earn a maximum of AED200 monthly cashback with a minimum spend of AED 17,500.

Other popular banks offering cashback on grocery shopping include:

Best Cashback Credit Cards for Fuel Spends

  1. HSBC Cashback Credit Card

    Save up on your monthly fuel costs with the HSBC Cashback Credit Card, which offers a 5% cashback reward on fuel transactions and other miscellaneous spending. To sign up, you must have AED 10,000 as a monthly salary without opening an account in the bank.

    Earn AED 300 as a welcome bonus and get all your cashback transferred into your bank account automatically.

    There is no cap for the cashback to be earned each month and no annual fee for the first year.

  2. Citibank Cashback Credit Card

    Citibank is offering its customers a 1% cashback offer on money spent on fuel using their cashback credit card. Earn AED 200 as a joining bonus when you spend AED 5,000 during the first three months.

    There are no monthly caps and minimum spending limits. It would be best if you had a monthly salary of AED 8,000 to apply for the credit card.

    Enjoy the service for free during the first year and get a subscription fee waiver if you spend AED 9,000 a year.

  3. Standard Chartered Cashback Credit Card

    With Standard Chartered Cashback Credit Card, earn 1% cashback on total cost when making payments at gas stations. You must have a monthly salary of AED 8,000 to make an application for the card. There is no fee for the first year; however, an annual subscription fee of AED 525 will be charged from the second year onwards.

    You would have to claim to get the cashback transferred into your account.

Other popular cashback credit cards available in the UAE for fuel transactions include:

Best Cashback Credit Card Offers for School Fees

  1. Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card

    Get 10% cashback on your total school fees payment with a 0% interest-free installment plan. Pay your kids’ school fees using a Standard Chartered Titanium card and earn 10% cashback directly into your account. You can also pay the fee in installments spread over 12 months with zero interest.

    There is an annual cap of AED 4800 with no minimum spend limit. Enjoy free service for the first year and pay an AED525 yearly fee from the second year onwards./li>

  2. NBF Credit Card

    Get a 3% cashback on school fees and other education expenses with the NBF credit card cashback offer. Cardholders can also enjoy a 0% interest rate when paying the school fees in installments.

  3. CBD Super Saver Cashback Credit Card

    With a CBD credit card, earn up to 10% cashback on school fee payments with a maximum cap of AED150 monthly. A minimum spend limit of AED3000 monthly with free service for the first year.

    Other prominent cashback credit offers on educational transactions include:

Best Cashback Credit Card Offers for Utility Bills

  1. FAB Cashback Credit Card

    FAB Cashback Credit Card offers a 5% cashback on all sorts of utility bill payments made using the credit card. You can earn a maximum amount of AED 150 each month and a welcome bonus of AED 300.

    There is an annual subscription fee of AED 315, and claims must be made for the cashback transaction into your account.

  2. Citibank Cashback Credit Card

    Citibank offers a 1% cashback on all utility bill payments for all credit cardholders. You can enjoy a welcome bonus of AED 200 with a free annual subscription. The exciting thing is that there are no maximum caps and no minimum spend limit to avail of the cashback offer.

    Get the earned amount as an automatic transaction directly into your account.

  3. Standard Charted Cashback Credit Card

    Enjoy 1% cashback on all your utility bill spends with no cap on the maximum amount to be earned as cashback. Get a whooping AED 500 as a welcome bonus and incredible entertainment, dining, and retail offers. Enjoy free service for the first year and pay AED525 from the second year onwards.

    Other popular cashback credit cards for utility bill transactions include:

Credit cards can also earn cashback on any other digital tools you use.

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