It’s beginning to look a lot like winter. The winter season is set to begin officially on December 22nd but the temperatures have already started to dip across the country. Residents are more inclined towards spending time outdoors to enjoy the weather whilst it lasts. As the holiday season has begun and schools have wrapped up for the winter break, a lot has been happening in Dubai lately. Lights are up, DSF has begun, Christmas preps are underway and NewYears’ Eve celebration plans are now taking form.

Pop-up night markets are set up outdoors to mark the beginning of the winter season in the Emirate. Discover and explore a myriad of food options and find yourself some good bargains on apparel, homeware, and accessories. Need more deets? Scroll down to find out!

Dubai Winter Night Market – A Years Old Tradition

Every year with the onset of the Dubai Shopping Festival, open night markets pop up in older areas of Dubai. The winter markets in Al Rigga and Muraqabbat areas are now open for visitors with tons of fun activities for people of all ages. You can dine, shop, and indulge in interactive games at the cheapest possible rates.

Al Rigga and Muraqabbat are popular neighborhoods in Deira that have a vibe of their own. The buzzing feel, giggling sounds, and aroma of live cooking bring back the charm of older times when life was simple.

Cheap deals and Meals up for Grabs

Dubai winter markets open daily from 4 pm and close late at night around 2am or 3am. The crowd begins to hit the venue after office hours and families start to gather for a fun evening out. Rigga, Al Maktoum Street, and Muraqqabat road are rimmed with colorful kiosks and food stalls to attract the passerby. The bustling night market is your perfect excuse to spend time outdoors and indulge in some cheap retail therapy.

You can find affordable clothing, fashion accessories, festive décor items, shoes, bags, kitchenware, and home accessories at jaw-dropping rates. If you are still struggling with your Christmas gift list, you can perhaps now get sorted. You may be thrilled to find tops, shirts, and blouses for as low as AED 5, would you believe? It does not just end here.

You can take your taste buds to a gastronomical feast with a range of cuisines available at the night market. Fill up your plates with authentic Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, Italian, and Filipino delicacies that wouldn’t cost you more than AED25 per person. This is undoubtedly street food at its best.

Outdoor Gaming kiosks

Visitors can also indulge in fun games and activities including snooker and billiards at amazingly low rates. It’s an ideal opportunity for teenagers and older kids to interact with peers and friends in a pleasant outdoor setting.

Feast your eyes on a colorful setup, explore thrifty shopping stalls, enjoy an exceptional culinary experience and soak in vibrant festive vibes without burning a hole in your market. Head over to Dubai Winter market and make the most of the cold weather.


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