Best real estate investment in Dubai with AED 500

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Can you really become rich by simply investing in real estate? The answer is “Yes”. We all now how steadily real estate industry is growing and changing. The right investment at the appropriate moment will surely bring you high gain so this shows in the case of property time is money. You just need to have the best outlook.

Investing in Dubai can be a great venture but it is not that easy to get started. As a beginner, everyone needs an investment platform or an experienced person to guide them through the process. Don’t worry, we have got you sorted! The following are the best real estate investment platform to get started in Dubai.

Real Estate Investment in Dubai

SmartCrowd Investment

SmartCrowd is among the leading digital platforms and the cheapest one to start crowdfunding in Dubai. They offer you the opportunity to begin investing as little as AED 500. Own a property at a price lesser than that of your phone. This is a smart deal! The properties available at SmartCrowd pass through a 100-point proprietary screening tool and also analyze by the market data available for each property. You have the flexibility to get refunded the amount and to reinvest it again at another property. According to SmartCrowd, “their investments have consistently outperformed the market and do provide the customer with transparent information.”

How it works

The method is very easy as it won’t take you more than 2 minutes. You need to follow the simple 4 steps and you get done with the investment.

  • Register: You need to enter all your details as asked in the form to fulfill the requirements
  • Browse Properties: Find all of the properties listed in UAE only
  • Invest: Select the fittest property for you and invest in it as low as AED 500
  • Earn your share: The moment funding is completed; you start earning your share


GetStake the online platform to invest in real estate deals in Dubai. It is accessible for anyone above 18 and lets everyone invest the amount of their own choice with lowest being AED 1. With this platform, you can hold the property for a long term as the preferred period is of at least 5 years. The best part is you do not need to worry about all those operational complications. This service is provided by stake and will be thoroughly managed by the investment team. Get yourself an attractive property within minutes and enjoy the income.

How it works

Follow these steps to get yourself the second income

  • Set up your profile: Make your stake account by adding your correct personal information to get an accurate browsing experience.
  • Deposit Money: You need to transfer the required amount according to each property in your stake account.
  • Browse investment: Filter the search results by adding your preferences like cost and city

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