Saving money is essential, whether you want to save for an upcoming event in the family or a dream holiday you have been planning for a long time. Maybe you need to manage finances to pay utility bills or kids’ school fees, or an unexpected physical ailment has occurred, and now you require funds to cover the treatment. Regardless of the situation, having a financial cushion is crucial for handling unforeseen circumstances and building savings for future plans.

Life in Dubai is expensive. You need to map out and act wisely to manage the monthly expenses and set some money aside for leisure activities and unforeseen situations.

Invest your money in a saving account and get profits and benefits to have a sense of financial security. Best Banks in the UAE have attractive packages and perks for residents that require little or no investment and bigger incentives. 

Saving accounts can help you in the realization of your long-term goals and create a financial net to lead a balanced life. There is a plethora of options available when it comes to opening a saving account in Dubai but need not fret as we are here to help you along the way. 

Top Saving Accounts in UAE

Keeping your cash in the bank not only keeps the money secure but is also a source of clean passive income. Earn reasonable returns, benefits, and get financial prudence with the best bank accounts available in the UAE. 

Here is a rundown of some of the most serviceable saving accounts that you can consider in an attempt to grow your savings and bring in a good amount of interest. 

Emirates NBD Smart Saver Account

Besides offering a good interest rate, Emirates NBD is leading the market in providing its customers with a seamless online banking experience. The smart saver account is a preferred choice among Dubai residents as it tends to offer an interactive interest on the cumulative account balance. 


  • With Emirates NBD smart saver account you will get a 1.50% interest rate per month on an account balance ranging from AED25K and AED100K. 
  • Customers will earn a monthly interest of 1.25% on balances worth AED100K-AED2M. 
  • The most attractive feature of the account is that you will enjoy the aforementioned interest on a balance held in different kinds of currencies including USD, GBP, and EUR. 
  • With a dedicated app and smart online banking, managing your account is easier than ever. 
  • The bank is offering an annual interest rate of up to 1.5% on the balance amounts mentioned above. 
  • You can transfer funds online or deposit cash through machines
  • There is no ATM card or checkbook to promote structured savings. 
  • No monthly or annual charges applied
  • Joint accounts are not allowed

Visit Emirates NBD or contact customer care for further details

ADCB Active Saver Account

Save better and realize your long-term goals sooner with the ADCB Active Saver Account. Considered one of the prestigious banks in UAE, ADCB offers its customers the opportunity to open up to five savings accounts at a time.

  • With the Active Saver Account, you will get an interest of 1.90% per annum on balances held in USD
  • Earn an annual interest rate of 2% on saving accounts with balances held in AED. 
  • You can get 1.80% interest on a daily account balance ranging between AED5000 to AED 2 million. 
  • Daily accounts with a balance over 2 million Dirhams will earn a 2% interest rate
  • .you must be at least 21 years old to open an account with ADCB and have an existing current or saving account with the bank. 
  • The percentage of interest is calculated periodically
  • The bank supports multiple currencies including US Dollars
  • Manage your online account from anywhere in the world 

Log on to the website or contact ADCB customer care for more details.

CBI E-Saver Account

Commercial Bank International’s E-Saver Account is another prominent saving account that could help you accumulate cash with no risk. The bank is offering a maximum of 6 different accounts but the e-saver account has turned out to be the preferred choice among customers for obvious reasons. 

The interesting fact about the account is that it is one of the very few zero-balance savings accounts available in the country. 


  • Get a generous annual interest rate of 3% on savings over AED 5 million. 
  • Earn an attractive 2% interest on an account balance as low as AED 300K. 
  • No requirement for a minimum balance
  • Residents under the age of 18 years can open an account with an adult joint account holder
  • A debit card is offered with all e-saver accounts however no checkbook is provided
  • You will earn the interest per month

Contact the bank for more information

HSBC Term Deposit Saving Account

Earn reasonable profit and shoot up your savings with HSBC Term Deposit Account. The bank supports multiple currencies including USD, AED, and GBP. 

  • Enjoy free mobile, phone, and digital banking with free SMS notifications. 
  • The saving period ranges from 1 month to 36 months
  • The monthly interest rate on a balance lower than AED150K starts from 0.43%
  • Earn annual interest rates of up to 3%
  • A minimum balance of AED 10,000 is required 
  • 24/7 banking support is available

Log on to the HSBC website to learn more

Standard Chartered Xtrasaver Account

Standard Chartered is known for its exceptional online banking and is a go-to bank for maximizing profits and returns. Get Xtrasaver Account and save money in AED and USD. With a streamlined interface, manage your account with the tips of your fingers from anywhere in the world


  • A minimum deposit of AED 3000 is required to open an account
  • Earn an annual interest rate of up to 2%
  • Regular calculation of interest for timely payments per month
  • You can pay your local utility bills with the cash in your savings account
  • No annual or monthly fees

Visit the website to find out more. 

Withdraw your funds seamlessly, get easy access to your account, and earn good returns when you choose to open a saving account with any of the five banks mentioned in the post. All the details mentioned are subject to change anytime at the Banks’ discretion. 

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