If you found yourself frustrated about spending too much money on fuel, you had a valid reason. The fluctuating fuel price in the UAE has added additional weight to the wallet, and make it harder for fuel saving. With oil prices at record high worldwide, the price per barrel rose as high as $139. Nevertheless, the surge in price has become a hot topic over the past few months.

Fortunately, you can reduce your fuel costs by making small changes to your driving style and payment methods which can at least help you save liters of fuel and a few hundreds dirhams per year. Try these tips to make your vehicle fuel-efficient, and save on fuel expenses.

fuel saving

We have put together the 4 best fuel saving tips every driver should know in the UAE in this guide.

Use a cashback credit card at the station

The Emirates Islamic bank RTA credit card provides its customers the best service with the built-in NOL chip for easy access to payments. Start saving on fuel by using the RTA credit card to earn 10% cashback on fuel spending. There is a maximum cashback of AED 100 every month. The best part is you are not limited to the sole benefit of saving every month on fuel but have access to and can enjoy the additional rewards available on the RTA credit card. You can also use any other credit card that provides cashback.

Install the Yes app to earn points

Start saving money at the pumps by installing Yes App to earn points while fueling. The easy-to-use app pays you back in the form of points on every fuel purchase at any ENOC station. All you need to do is install the Yes app and generate your one-time password, which must be shown to the attendant before purchasing fuel. You will earn the points directly for every fueling. This app gives you a chance to earn 1 point per 1 liter with the benefit of redeeming points anytime while shopping.

Fuel Saving with CAFU App

If there is no petrol station around you, park in any RTA parking and order your petrol delivery via the CAFU App. Don’t use your valuable fuel to look for a petrol station – instead, get it delivered directly where ever you are at the same price as the petrol station. You can also use your cashback credit card on this app to get an additional benefit from this transaction.

Regular maintenance of the vehicle

Make sure your car is regularly maintained and get the scheduled service. Simply fixing any faults in your car quickly can ensure an increase in your fuel mileage by 4%. Aside from improving the mileage, a tuned-up engine can be beneficial for several reasons to make the car run more efficiently. The bad condition of the car makes it vulnerable to an increase in fuel consumption. It is best to check the car’s maintenance manual to make the desired changes depending on the model of the car.

Fuel saving with cruise control

Is cruise control more fuel-efficient? Generally speaking, yes. The maintenance of the constant speed of the car on flat roads can make you lower your fuel bills. As you know, the greater the car’s speed, the higher fuel is eaten up. Therefore, it is beneficial to use cruise control on highways or steady uphill and downhill drives. Not only does it saves the gas but helps to lower the fatigue of the driver during long drives.


Following these steps can save you an enormous amount of money on fuel in the UAE. You don’t have any hand in controlling the fuel price going up and down globally, but you can surely control your fuel budget with these strategies. Keep in mind to look for a fuel-efficient vehicle before making a purchase.

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